Think Before You Drink

A man's hand refuses a drink of alcohol

Studies show that over time one drink a day diminishes the function of the brain and memory. It’s called alcohol dementia and it is a real thing. Marijuana diminishes the function of the brain. Scans show dramatic changes from both alcohol and marijuana use. Drugs and alcohol organically change the […]

What Does a Scar Say?

Every scar tells a story. I survived.

No book is all sunshine and flowers all the way through it. You have struggles, loss, suffering, mistakes, bad decisions, wounds, and scars and so so much more. Our scars from life are the premise for the next chapters to be fulfilled. Our life story is amazing. Have you ever […]

Friend or Foe?

Cant defeat your demons if you're still enjoying their company.

Get far away from the things, the people, the places, whatever it is, that is trying to take you down, drag you out, and destroy you. However, before you can do that, you have to recognize what those very things are. Destructive behaviors will tempt you, taunt you, play with […]