Friend or Foe?

Cant defeat your demons if you're still enjoying their company.

Get far away from the things, the people, the places, whatever it is, that is trying to take you down, drag you out, and destroy you. However, before you can do that, you have to recognize what those very things are. Destructive behaviors will tempt you, taunt you, play with you, empower you, and fundamentally have the last say over your life. Don’t give them control. You have the power to change. You are good enough because there is love inside of you and love is enough.

Remember…it all begins with a thought.

Negativity will eat you up and spit you out. And then lead you down a rabbit hole to all kinds of irrational, inaccurate thoughts and limited beliefs. Stop the thought as soon as it enters your mind, and leave the rabbit hole for the rabbits. You have a greater purpose. Your destinations are wide open as are the possibilities.

Believe that you may receive.